The Future of Development: “Make Happen” with Portfolios of Options

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The Future of Development: “Make Happen” with Portfolios of Options
This Green Paper intends to review key elements of the problem that Development actors will confront as a new decade opens up ahead of us. It will articulate a solution that we believe should become an inherent feature of Development programs and initiatives. This is the outcome of an intense period of experiences and reflections in the Development space across different geographies and institutional mandates and activities, during which the Foundation has collaborated with institutions such as the UNDP and Grand Challenges Canada. At the heart of our collaborations is a Strategic Innovation and System Transformation Framework, with its associated concepts, working definitions, processes, tools and people. Sourced from CHÔRA Foundation’s knowledge and practice assets, this is a capability we intend to make relevant, customise, scale up and distribute to our partners and stakeholders. We are looking to create with them a space that offers the world a transformational capability. Central to this capability we see a distinctive and robust practice: the design and dynamic management of Portfolios of Strategic Innovation and System Transformation Options. These Portfolios are unique, context relevant, embedded mechanisms for learning, sensemaking and problem solving that social systems leverage to have an impact on themselves and their problems, and to induce the transformations that are necessary to them. It is our view that Portfolios of Options are the most effective means by which human social systems can supply themselves with budgets of possibility that ensure choice and create opportunity. They will also support pragmatic evolutionary outcomes and enable resilience.
Haarlem (Netherlands)
CHÔRA Foundation
09/11/2021, 12:22
CHÔRA Foundation. (2021). The Future of Development: “Make Happen” with Portfolios of Options. CHÔRA Foundation.