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DRG Center practical tips to implement more context-adaptive programming

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DRG Center practical tips to implement more context-adaptive programming
Hi #adaptdevers, The cross-sectoral programs team in the DRG Center have been working in support of ways that programming can be made more aware of, and responsive to, context considerations that have to do with incentives and relationships between different actors - often called power dynamics or political economy. Following several discussions with field folks, we were asked to come up with simple and practical tips that could help staff to implement more context-adaptive programming, or to better Work Politically to use TWP jargon. With assistance from many of our field staff and partners, we've put together three documents (to start) that have now been cleared to share publicly: • Tips on Making Your Solicitations Invite Context-Driven Adaptive Programming - suggestions spanning most sections of a typical solicitation to better weave in Thinking and Working Politically. I'm particularly excited that this document contains embedded links to excerpts from a set of solicitations that model good practice. You can also find a summary of all the excerpts from real solicitations, and links onward to the public posting of those solicitations on Fed Biz Ops or, here. • Tips on Power Dynamics and Theories of Change - suggestions relevant to those working on project designs and logic models. • Tips for Better Use of Advisory Councils - suggestions to set up better advisory bodies that help you to incorporate political economy more automatically into your programmatic adjustments. I hope that you'll find these practical and helpful! Feedback is always welcome. Best, David
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Jacobstein, D. (2018, February 27). DRG Center practical tips to implement more context-adaptive programming. #AdaptDev.!msg/adaptdev/TVvijW_iUx8/a5-0xdsIDgAJ