Webinar - Practicing Thinking and Working Politically (TWP): Voices from the Field

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Webinar - Practicing Thinking and Working Politically (TWP): Voices from the Field
Current thinking on effective international development interventions highlights the importance of “thinking and working politically” (TWP). Among the emerging lessons of experience is that thinking politically, using tools such as political economy analysis, is more easily undertaken than working politically. How can the two pillars of TWP be effectively integrated? What challenges exist and how have practitioners confronted them? This session focuses on listening to voices from the field to explore answers to these questions. The organizers solicited proposals from implementers, reaching out to SID-W members and the Washington, D.C.-based TWP community of practice. They selected the following four projects that illustrate different approaches to practicing TWP. • Mercy Corps: Integrated Maji Infrastructure and Governance Initiative for Eastern Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo • Asia Foundation: Tourism Strategy Project, Timor-Leste • Counterpart International: Rights and Dignity Project, El Salvador • RTI International: Knowledge Sector Initiative, Indonesia Their voices will be bookended by Sarah Frazer (RTI International), who will summarize a recent study, Thinking and Working Politically: Lessons from Diverse and Inclusive Applied Political Economy Analysis, and Alina Rocha Menocal (Overseas Development Institute), who will provide commentary on the four projects and the study findings. Ann Hudock (Counterpart International) will moderate.
Society for International Development.
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Practicing Thinking and Working Politically (TWP)
01/10/2020, 09:21
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SID. (2020, July 22). Webinar - Practicing Thinking and Working Politically (TWP): Voices from the Field. Society for International Development. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzBg8bM7dQ8