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'Development': A visual story of shifting power

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'Development': A visual story of shifting power
The work of shifting power is fundamentally the work of changing our gaze. People act on how they see, and to change how we see, is to radically change how we act. By not exploring other forms of expressing, looking and creating, we’re limiting ourselves.  The development space is fixated on the written word. ... This exhibit, called “‘Development’: a visual story of shifting power”, tells the story of ‘development’, from its origin to its current challenge, from its contradictions to its possible horizons. Our guiding principles were the twin notions of decolonization and intersectionality: moving away from the unequal power structures that reinforce legacies of colonialism, and advancing explicitly anti-racist and feminist agendas.
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From Poverty to Power
23/03/2021, 06:00
23/03/2021, 09:43
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Faciolince, M., & Obando, H. (2021, March 23). “Development”: A visual story of shifting power. From Poverty to Power.