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MSD Competency Framework

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MSD Competency Framework
MSD Competency Framework A catalogue of the full range of knowledge, skills and aptitudes found in high-performing teams that use the market systems approach. Useful for: Practitioners - identify personal training needs and continue your professional development Trainers - diversify your courses and refine your training / capacity-building offers Managers - strengthen your recruitment and induction processes MSD competencies Competency is a mix of knowledge, skills and attitudes demonstrated through concrete behaviours. This section explores the 17 competencies used by high-performing MSD teams. Arranged in three groups they relate to how we understand the world, make decisions and interact with others. Each competency is defined and has links to useful resources that explain or illustrate the knowledge or skills that feed it. Where available, sources of teaching and learning for that competency are included. Teaching and learning modes An exploration of the most common modes of teaching and learning that support practitioners to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes. Some modes of learning are more relevant to certain types of competency - as indicated by the box colours. Each page has a summary of the teaching mode, guidance for team leaders and trainers, and examples of how to use this mode for developing specific competencies. Assessment modes Assessing competency is important for recruitment, performance appraisal and continued professional development These pages describe distinct approaches to evaluating individuals. They include a summary of the evaluation mode, guidance for assessors, and examples tailored to specific competencies.
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